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V7 Plus AC Portable Suction

ABS ergonomical case and ancorage system tested to 10 g.

Long life medical grade piston type suction pump. Oil-free and maintenance-free.

Vacuum gauge of 0-100 kPa (0-760 mmHg).

Precise and stable vacuum control knob.

Indicator lights: ON, flashing, vacuum level, vacuum indicator and battery status.

Maximum noise level: 49 + 1,5 dB (depending on model).

Battery for long duration autonomy (consult models in which it is included). LED battery level lights.

Collection jar with overflow safety valve in polycarbonate or polysulfone of 1 L (useful capacity 0.75 L) PC1/PSU1 or 1.75 L (useful capacity 1.30 L) -PC2/PSU2.

Also available with holders compatible with the main disposable canister

Hydrophobic bacteria filter, made of PTFE. With an efficiency of 99% in the retention of particles and bacteria of 99.99%. With PVC suction tube.

ON/OFF swith with moisture protection.

Equipment dimensions: 385 x 155 x 255 mm.

Weight varies between 2.2 Kg and 4.5 Kg (depending on model).

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