Bridge to
Medical Excellence

In the year 2009, the founders of Medtech came together with a vision to bridge the healthcare system of the Maldives to the latest technologies. The founders had a clear view of the obstacles to taking the health services to excellence, and the challenges of providing and maintaining modern technologies. We understood the critical role of technology to improve the quality of healthcare and well being of the people. There began a journey of transformation, forming global partnerships and establishing world class facilities never seen before in the Maldives.

Medtech Group

The leading company in medical distribution and hospital consultancy in Maldives.

Retail and distribution of diagnostic reagents.

Leading diagnostics laboratory in the Maldives.

Specialised clinic in dental & cosmetic surgeries and owner of the first dental laboratory in the Maldives.


Our mission is to improve quality of life and transform healthcare through modern technology by being the bridge to medical excellence.


To Contribute Towards Better Healthcare Facilities and Well-being of Maldivians.

Quality Policy

MEDTECH consistently delivers safe and effective medical equipment, diagnostic reagents, pharmaceutical products, related consultancy services and after sale services that exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers right at the first time and every time. We continually improve quality management system while meeting applicable regulatory and other requirements in a sustainable business environment.


Ahmed Haikal

Group Executive Chairman

Mubah Rafeeu

Group Managing Director & CEO

Ahmed Abdul Rahman

Group CTO

The Medtech Difference

Network of Global Leaders in Medical Technology

Quality is a hallmark of our brand. We have more than 70 partners among the largest leading medical device manufacturers in our global network of suppliers. All the products supplied by Medtech go through a stringent process of quality check for our ability to deliver, lifespan, maintenance and investment.

Supply Chain Management

Being the leading supplier to almost all the healthcare facilities throughout the Maldives, our competence in logistics and transportation is vital to the successful delivery. Our logistics specialists have in depth knowledge and experience in working with international and local shipping, freight and transportation service providers.

Field Service, Technical & Application Support

We have the largest team of biomedical and field service engineers in the Maldives, trained at world leading training centers in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific. The Technical Service and Support team is responsible for testing, repair and maintenance of diagnostics and therapeutic equipment in proper and safe operating condition.