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ENT Workstation Complete

ENT Treatment Unit

Basic Plus Station Consisting Of:

Basic Plus - Art. No. 250000

Steel Housing, Aluminium Trays & Ss Dividers, Plexiglas Cover, Compressed Air Unit, (Spray / Politzer), Fine Regulation Handpiece, Pressure Limiter, 3 Spray Bottles, 1.5 Ltr Ss Tank For Compressed Air, Chrome Plated Steel Handle Is Adjustable To Politzer Olives, A Set Of Politzer Olives Is Included, Motor Suction Unit, Silently Motorized, -0.92 Bar, Max. Vacuum, 50 Ltr./Min., Secondary Air Valve, Bacterial Filter, Double Overflow Control Fuse, 1.25 Ltr. Liquid Container, Suction Tube Is Equipped With An Automatic On/

Off Switch For Vacuum Function. A Small Ear Rinsing Funnel Is Included, Mirror Reheating Unit, Single Handed Heating, Function With 6 V Heating Coil, Drawer As A Writing Surface With Removable

Plexiglass Shelf Insert / Or Paper Dispenser Drawer

Instrument Drawer With Aluminium Trays And Set Of

SS Dividers, Big Storage Drawer


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