Medtech Maldives Donates 4000 Bottles of Antibacterial Handwash to Education Ministry

Written By : Corporate Maldives
Published On : 24 Feb 2022

Medtech Maldives has made a donation of 4000 bottles of antibacterial handwash to the Ministry of Education.

As part of the Ministry’s pledge to ensure a safe school environment amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the donation will help strengthen efforts to provide further protection to students.

Medtech Maldives Pvt Ltd is a company specialized in the selling and distribution of medical equipment, consumables, laboratory reagents, and products related to the medical field.

Since its inception, the company has sought to become the bridge between emerging medical technologies and the country’s healthcare industry. Over the years, it has provided the latest equipment to Maldivian healthcare facilities, helping to improve efficiency and accuracy in every aspect.

Medtech Maldives serves as the leader in providing medical equipment with global partnerships and a reputed track record of delivery and technical support in the Maldives. Today, their customers range from the largest state hospitals in Male’, to small community health centers across the country.