Medtech Maldives Celebrates 12 Years of Bridging Medical Excellence to Healthcare Industry

Written By : Corporate Maldives
Published On : 29 Apr 2022

Medtech Maldives has celebrated its 12 year anniversary, marking a momentous milestone in its journey of bridging medical excellence to the healthcare industry.

Medtech Maldives Pvt Ltd is a company specialized in the selling and distribution of medical equipment, consumables, laboratory reagents and products related to the medical field. Medtech Maldives has been serving as the leader in this industry, with global partnerships and a reputed track record of delivery and technical support in the Maldives.

Since its inception, the company has sought to become the bridge between emerging medical technologies and the country’s healthcare industry. Over the years, it has provided the latest equipment to Maldivian healthcare facilities, helping to improve efficiency and accuracy in every aspect. Today, their customers range from the largest state hospitals in Male’, to small community health centers across the country.

Recently, Medtech introduced the Panbio COVID-19 Ag Card, a fast and reliable Covid-19 antigen test card. It delivers results in only 15 minutes without any additional equipment.

A new model of Thermofisher Scientific PCR machine was also installed at IGMH PCR Lab, making it the fourth Thermofisher Scientific PCR machine in the hospital’s lab. The new QuanStudio5 PCR model is designed to generate test results even faster. Medtech is the authorised distributor of Thermofisher Scientific USA in the Maldives.

Some other notable developments include the compressor room for Central Medical Gas designed and supplied by Medtech Maldives, as well as the Antenov 124 chartered by Medtech and GE Healthcare for transporting sophisticated machines like helium-filled MRI system, CT system and other high-end equipment to Gan International Airport.