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Revivator Plus Children with O2 Reservoir

Recommended for use in children weighing between 7-30 Kg.

Standard expiratory outlet to attach the PEEP valve (2-10 cmH2O).

Built-in safety valve.

Resuscitator bag of 750 mL.

Oxygen reservoir bag of 2,500 mL and reservoir valve.

Self-sealing silicone face mask no. 3 and polysulfone rigid mask cover. Other sizes also available (face mask no. 0, no. 1, no. 2, no. 4, no. 5 and rigid mask cover for face mask no. 4 and 5).

Child adult valve.

Oxygen extension tube.

Güedell cannula no. 1 and no. 3.

Rigid polypropylene carrying case and nylon zip bag.

REVIVATOR®Plus children set: rigid polypropylene carrying case, manual resuscitator with silicone face mask and rigid mask cover, oxygen reservoir bag and valve, oxygen extension tube and two Güedell cannulas.

Sterilizable in usual cold chemical agents and autocave at 135 ºC.

Materials: manual resuscitator bag, membranes and silicone face mask. Transparent pieces of polysulfone. PVC reservoir bag. Latex-free.

Equipment dimensions (Width x Height): 105 x 255 mm (unfolded) and 105 x 75 mm (folded).

Weight: 246 g.

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